Ross Sutherland RFC

As you can imagine, at our club we don’t exactly keep regular office hours, so it was important for us to find the right way of staying in touch with our members and suppliers. This was about to become even more of a critical issue for us as our clubhouse redevelopment project meant we would be without our facilities for many months.

We approached existing club sponsors CATCH Highland to help find the right package of call handling options, and they were brilliant. Abbie and her team took the time to properly understand our needs and tailor their service to give us a very much improved platform for being available when people needed us.

Our calls can even get screened and triaged at point of first contact. This was a really useful feature when we were recruiting for a new position and CATCH Highland were able to provide information to the applicants without them having to be referred to one of the club contacts.

CATCH Highland were also able to provide us with an analysis of our call traffic that gave us a really useful insight into who was calling us. As a result of this we’ve been able to put in place further screening that reduces our time spent on dealing with non-essential calls.

We’re a volunteer run organisation, and as Treasurer I tend to get the bulk of the calls. This service lets me deal with contacts when it is convenient to me, and reduces impact on my day job. I can’t recommend CATCH Highland highly enough.

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