It’s like having a

Full Time Receptionist without the Full Time Wage

There are three main ways we provide this service to businesses. Some businesses divert their ‘overspill’ calls to us – this means their phones ring in their own workplace first and only if they go unanswered will the call come through to us. From the caller’s point of view, there is no difference – their call will be answered within 15 seconds – without any funny divert tones. Some of our clients divert 100% of their calls to us and some will choose to ‘switch’ their calls to us when it suits them. This is a seamless process – you would simply put your calls over to CATCH if you go in to a meeting, take the day off, or have a project that requires your full attention.

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Why Use CATCH Highland?

Train us your way

You get a chance to ‘induct’ us in the beginning – just as if you were training a new receptionist – this is where you’ll define how you’d like enquiries dealt with and in what format you’d like messages to be passed on. During Lockdown, this can be done as a video call or as a regular phone call; it’s just a chat about your business, the current operational situation and for you to explain how you’d like us to represent you.

Email or Whatsapp

We can send a Whatsapp message or an email message to any number of recipients. You may have different departments who are to be notified in different circumstances – this is no problem to our team. During COVID you may have a workforce which is fluctuating or changing – simply keep us up to date as frequently as necessary and we’ll always know who to contact with your messages.


We can transfer certain calls to you or your personnel if that’s what you want – Normally this is only something we do in special circumstances – ie when a member of your team is waiting for a specific call. During Lockdown however, you may want all of your calls transferred through to your individual team members – This can be done by prior arrangement at no extra cost.


We are all locally based so we’re familiar with all of the areas you work in. One of the staple requisites of joining our team is really clear diction and robust local area knowledge. CATCH Highland currently covers the Highland Region and we are (usually) based centrally at Tore. This unique selling point really sets us apart from lots of out of area services.

No Tie-in

We don’t do contracts – you can try us for a month and let us know if you want to continue. We know that if you want to leave us it’ll be for reasons out with our control and the last thing we want to do is tie in customers who don’t need us. We would ask for 1-2 months’ notice for cancelling when we are established. In the current climate, we understand that customers may want to join up temporarily. This is absolutely fine and you’ll be made very welcome!

Common Sense!

We have a seriously common-sense approach –  We will not ever sound like a call centre but we will never be disingenuous either. As far as callers to your business are concerned, we work for you and we’ll answer the phone exactly as you instruct us to. However, if we’re asked outright if we’re on your premises, we will honestly explain that we’re based in a different office. Of course, during Covid, everyone is finding this quite normal!

Always Here

Opening Hours – We are open Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm and only close otherwise for two week shut down over Christmas and New Year. Our own team of receptionists will be carrying out their usual call handling services while self isolating if and when that’s necessary.

What Does It Cost?

£140 + VAT

Setup fee (one-off)

£90 + VAT

For up to 20 calls

£1.80 + VAT

Per call thereafter

What is the Process?

What we usually do is one full month to gauge the following:


Number of calls


Peak times of day


Duration of calls (this varies wildly)


Your satisfaction with the service

Then we settle on a mutually agreeable monthly fee. Generally speaking, this will work out at somewhere between £200 – £1000 per month + VAT. This is payable by Direct Debit.

We deliberately don’t ‘tie’ you into any lengthy contracts. If it’s not working for either party then we’d rather be able to part ways after the month’s trial or, thereafter, with 1-2 months’ notice.